Wir Sind Alle Freaks // We All Are Freaks

Pride & Prejudice (France - UK - USA, 2005)


Bates Motel + main characters


look alike

Bradley James & Katie McGrath do the ALS ice bucket challenge [x][x]


The face when you know you’re fucked

bf:you okay?

me:i'm fine.

bf:you're always fine, aren't you?

me:get out.

Here’s those stories you were asking for, Jess. [x]

zooey “excited at award shows” deschanel

The Hobbit book locket by Childhood Pendants

Anonymous said: i saw you watch Penny Dreadful. What did you think of season 1?

Yeah, i should probably take it off my Shows page since i doubt i’ll watch season 2.

Well, i think it started very promising but as it went on, i found myself becoming terribly bored while watching. It’s a shame really because i was quite intrigued with the whole League Of Extraordinary Gentleman vibe, as well as the Ancient Egyptian concepts. It was poorly executed, in my opinion. The individual plots of each episode weren’t stimulating enough for me to say i enjoyed it. Overall, i really didn’t.