How did it come to this?

"I really screwed up."
"You’re scaring me. Mike, what?"
"Claire Matthews: a year ago she was wounded and taken into surgery. She survived. She was placed in witness protection with her son and her mother. She’s alive."
"Where’s Ryan? Does he know about this?"
"He’s with her… right now. I knew about it, Max.I thought i was doing the right thing."

"Sometimes it helps to talk to someone who gets it."

Anonymous said: sister mary eunice from asylum

Oh my fav ♥

"The Devil Within" by Digital Daggers

Since YouTube fucked with the S2 altenrate ending  during the uploading process and caused it to bob, i had to reupload. It’s fixed now, from what i can tell, but it still has the same URL.

"The Following" Season 2 | Alternate Ending + introduction from executive producer & director, Marcos Siega

Quintessential Halloween Movies

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Claire Fraser, Lady of Lallybroch