You are so brave and quiet I forget you are suffering.

Ernest Hemingway


"Their voices echoed through the yards and halls until the castle rang and it seemed as though some great pack of direwolves haunted Winterfell, instead of only two… two where there had once been six. Do they miss their brothers and sisters too? Bran wondered. Are they calling to Grey Wind and Ghost, to Nymeria and Lady’s Shade? Do they want them to come home and be a pack together?"

dragonxborne said: WHAT THE HELL B XD

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Anonymous said: if i could steal your eyes i would


Anonymous said: your writing is amazing and you're perfect and i love you *runs away and hides*

Phht! Not even.

Anonymous said: You are very pretty.


Anonymous said: i would ;)

I’m game…

Go on anon and tell me something you’re too afraid to say off anon


We're damned, Charles.
My big mistake last year was thinking way too small. No, Poe is never going to be the answer. No, more people are being killed in the name of religion than any other cause on Earth. Religion hides that violence in the language of peace. So… We are going to show the world the truth. Religion is not about love or charity - it is about blood, and sacrifice.

— Joe Carroll


You’re no good for me // Another Luke/Max Fanmix (10 Tracks)

i. Diet Mountain Dew Lana Del Rey | ii. Do I Wanna Know Arctic Monkeys | iii. Cops and Robbers Bean | iv. Shot You Down Florrie | v. Only Love Can Hurt Like This Paloma Faith | vi. One More Night Stars | vii. Super Psycho Love Simon Curtis | viii. Serial Killer Lana Del Rey | ix. Pretty Baby Brendan Benson | x. Rude Magic!

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